Young Singers Club

Comprehensive Voice & Performance Program
Santa Barbara, CA

Private Lesson Policies


Please make sure that you have filled out a registration form, so that we have all of your student’s pertinent information and can get in touch with you easily. Registration Form


Brett Mutinelli’s rates are $70 per half hour, $250 for four, $360 for six, or $480 for eight half hour lessons. Payment of four or eight is due at the first of four or eight lessons, otherwise the individual lesson rate applies. Please use VENMO @youngsingersclub. Thank you. Or make check payable to YSC or use PayPal on our registration page. You may pay with cash or if you write a check, please make out to YSC; payment can also be made with PayPal at the YSC website.

When to pay:

Payment for lessons is due as soon as a lesson time slot has been arranged with your teacher. Please make payment at each lesson (or at each first of four), so that we can easily keep track of your tuition balance. You will be charged an additional $15 service charge if we have to send an invoice after a lesson was taken, but not yet paid for.


Please call your teacher and cancel if you are sick, have a sore throat or are feeling hoarse! We will schedule a make-up lesson if you cancel at least twenty-four (24) hours before your scheduled time. We need to charge regular tuition for your lesson if you miss a lesson without at least a twenty-four-hour advance notice.  If you can, please let your teacher know far in advance if you need to cancel a lesson.


We will schedule a make-up lesson or just skip a week without pay if you cancel at least twenty-four hours before your scheduled time.


What to bring to your lesson:

Use a binder for sheet music. Bring sheet music and other materials that you are working on to your lessons every week.


Please make sure that your singer practices a few times every week between lessons – this will guarantee success and progress. Practicing can mean as little as just listening to the lesson recording and spending focused time by doing the scales a cappella or at the piano (for pitches) or with the warm-up track and practicing songs in front of a mirror or doing all of the above. Hopefully, your singer will find a combination of ways to practice.

Stay in touch!

Stay in touch and communicate both with your child and your teacher ( We want your singer to feel successful and to have a helpful and meaningful learning experience with us.

Participate in our recitals and community outreach performances

We have various performance opportunities that are often listed on the Home Page. Plan on participating at least once or twice a year. Check with your teacher to discuss what your best options are.