Young Singers Club

Comprehensive Voice & Performance Program
Santa Barbara, CA


What distinguishes Young Singers Club programs?

TECHNIQUE FOR A LIFETIME: Children love to sing and we encourage their natural JOY and ABILITY by supporting what they already do well. We give them specific guidelines, techniques and scales that are age-appropriate and fun to help them with POSTURE, BREATH CONTROL, VOICE RANGE, DICTION, learning about PURE VOWELS, and EXPRESSION, and so much more. We teach them the difference between head voice singing and belting, and we explain the importance to learn both. We teach with the goal in mind that your children will be healthy, productive, and successful singers and performers throughout their lives, regardless of the careers they end up choosing.  Many YSC students have become professional singers, songwriters, and teachers, however many have also chosen other careers and their vocal and performance training at YSC has given them the advantage of having experience, confidence, and poise in various group settings and in front of audiences. 

TECHNIQUE FOR TEENAGERS AND ADULTS: Our voices change during adolesence and this is the time to begin more detailed vocal work. Private lessons are crucial for singers who want to learn to sing with proper support and resonance. There are countless approaches and specific techniques to improving range, tone, diction, and overall control. The quality of performance will improve dramatically under the care of good vocal instruction. 

STAGE PRESENCE: our singers practice singing regularly in front of their peers and they learn how to BE PREPARED and how to FOCUS, ENGAGE THEIR AUDIENCE, COMMUNICATE and SHINE. They have plenty of performance opportunities, especially also community outreach performances at retirement and nursing homes, so they can practice how it feels to be in front of an audience. Performing becomes a natural and normal activity for them. Though singers still might experience stage fright or excitement, they will learn how to work with that feeling.

SOLOS:  Singers will take more responsibility for learning their lyrics, melodies, and rhythms when they sing alone. They are able to hear the sound of their voice and have the chance to practice vocal concepts and improve quickly.  We give them fun songs to choose from and everyone gets the opportunity to sing a SOLO OF THEIR CHOICE. 

APPRECIATION OF OTHERS: Young Singers Club students learn to listen respectfully to other singers and they learn how and what to appreciate. They encourage an support one another and to cheer each other on. Students make friends quickly and often even find friends for a lifetime in our program.

CHILDREN’S VOICES are delicate and need to be guided carefully and professionally. Voices can quickly be overused and even injured and bad habits can establish themselves and be hard to break. At Young Singers Club it is important to us that children’s voice remain free, pure, and healthy.

SYSTEMATIC TRAINING: We have successfully helped singers progress from having pure fun and joy of learning and performing on stage to becoming accomplished artists. Read through our syllabus for our 8-week Voice Class Program in the right sidebar of the Class Schedule and check out our Vocal Training Outline.

  Lizzie, age 4, and Lizzie age 17